Caroline lafollette

Master Stylist | PM National Educator

Master Stylist | PM National Educator

I was always the friend people came to when they needed their hair done. I had no training, no official business, and no sign on my door, but my weeknights filled up quickly. My friends would come over, plop down in a chair in my kitchen with a wine glass in hand and we would chat about life, laughing and crying for hours, long after their hair was done. I wasn’t looking to make it a career; it was just something that came naturally to me and I loved being able to do it for my friends.

As my calendar became dotted with even more appointments, I made the decision to formalize my business. At 26-years-old, I quit my teaching job (kids are exhausting, right?!) and went to beauty school. Within a year, I had my first job at a salon. I gained such valuable experience there and my love for the industry grew. But within three years, I knew it was time to open my own salon.

I went back to my roots and decided to open Caroline’s Salon in my home. Though I knew I didn’t want to be cutting hair in my kitchen, I did want people to feel like they were walking into a warm place that felt like home. Getting your hair cut can be an intimidating, uncomfortable experience if you’re at the wrong place. I want people to take their shoes off and tell me their story, as if they were on my living room couch.

I never want to stop learning and growing. I went back to school in ____, to get certified as ____. Caroline’s Salon is about beautiful comfort. I want you to leave here feeling gorgeous, but also like you have a style that you can do by yourself, in your own home, any day of the week. 

Clients often become friends and don’t be surprised if you’re greeted with a hug and kiss at the door. I can’t wait to meet you!


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