Customers always leave happy and excited to show off their new styles!
Here is what some of them are saying about Caroline's Salon.



"Caroline is the best hair stylist I have ever had. She is always willing to try new and creative things, and has a way of knowing what you’re comfortable with and what would look great on you. Coming to her salon is like hanging out with friends. She even has wine and coffee!"



"The one appointment in my schedule that cannot be moved is my appointment with Caroline. I don’t care if the president is in town! In all my years of coloring my hair, Caroline is the one person who has gotten it right every. Single. Time. It’s always relaxing and I look forward to my appointments. Her advice has changed the whole quality of my hair."



"What a great experience! I’ve been coming to Caroline for 13 years and every time my experience is relaxing and exactly what I need! My hair is always new, fun and easy to style."